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1、Our company specializes in the production of domestic and foreign brands of automobiles and motorcycles folding key piece, slot in 3 kinds: center pin slot, eccentric pin slot and the original pin slot (center pin slot and eccentric pin slot other than the pin slot).
2、Mainly suitable for cars, SUVs, trucks, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles.
3、Support customization: according to samples and drawings.
4、Using high quality brass, white brass and other raw materials: easy to cut, easy to process and other characteristics.

Yuhuan Hongchuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Yuhuan Hongchuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. is China custom Foldable Key Blade manufacturers and OEM/ODM Universal Slot Foldable Key Blade company. It is a company with "automobile lock" as the core, providing one-stop services such as key blank production (slotting), key blank finishing (milling), plastic injection molding (business development), etc. The company's relevant professional and technical personnel have more than 3-5 years of experience in supporting auto parts. The company specializes in the production of car key blanks. Through the new production process and technical improvement, the products produced have no yin and yang, no flash and burr, smooth surface, sharp edges and corners, and a beautiful appearance. They can be customized according to customer drawings or incoming materials.


Industry Knowledge Extension

Innovations in Automotive Security: The Evolution of Foldable Key Blades

In the dynamic landscape of automotive technology, the evolution of car keys has been a fascinating journey. One notable advancement is the advent of foldable key blades, a feature that brings several advantages to both vehicle manufacturers and users.

Advantages of Foldable Key Blades

Enhanced Portability:

Foldable key blades offer a practical solution to the age-old issue of bulkiness associated with traditional car keys. By ingeniously folding into a compact form, these Foldable key blades provide enhanced portability, easily fitting into pockets or small compartments.

Reduced Wear and Tear:

The folding mechanism not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose. By minimizing the exposure of the foldable key blade when not in use, the chances of wear and tear are significantly reduced, ensuring a longer lifespan for the key.

Improved Durability:

The foldable key blade is often crafted from robust materials, enhancing their overall durability. This is a critical feature as car keys are subjected to constant handling and potential environmental factors. The sturdy construction of foldable key blades contributes to a reliable and long-lasting component.

Design Versatility:

Manufacturers can experiment with various designs due to the compact nature of foldable key blades. This not only allows for aesthetic creativity but also facilitates customization options, adding a touch of personalization for car owners.

Processing of Car Key Blade With Slot

The innovative approach to processing car key blades with a slot is a pivotal development in automotive security. This method involves the integration of a carefully designed slot into the key blade, offering multiple benefits.

Precision Engineering:

The inclusion of a slot in the key blade requires meticulous precision during the manufacturing process. This ensures a seamless fit with the corresponding mechanism in the car's ignition, enhancing overall reliability.

Enhanced Security:

The slot acts as an additional layer of security, making it more challenging for unauthorized duplication. This advanced processing method adds complexity to key replication, contributing to the overall security of the vehicle.

Smooth Operation:

Car key blades with slots are designed to interact seamlessly with the vehicle's ignition system. The incorporation of this feature ensures a smooth and efficient operation, minimizing the risk of jamming or malfunction.

Universal Slot Foldable Key Blade

The universal slot foldable key blade combines the best of both worlds, offering the practicality of foldability and the security benefits of a slot.

Versatile Compatibility:

The universal slot design allows for compatibility with a wide range of vehicle models. This universality streamlines manufacturing processes for automakers while offering users the convenience of a single key for multiple vehicles.

Cost-Effective Production:

By adopting a universal slot design for foldable key blades, manufacturers can achieve economies of scale. This not only reduces production costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

User-Friendly Experience:

Car owners benefit from the convenience of a single key for different vehicles, simplifying their daily routines. The universal slot foldable key blade exemplifies how technology can enhance user experience while maintaining security standards.

The evolution of foldable key blades and their various processing methods represents a significant stride in automotive security and convenience. As manufacturers continue to innovate, these advancements promise to redefine the way we interact with our vehicles, offering a harmonious blend of practicality, durability, and enhanced security.

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